Android vs iOS: Contrast Between Two Operating Systems

Generally, people spend most of their time using their smartphones in today’s World. Certainly, several smartphones in the market provide us with a choice to pick any one, there are several operating systems as well. Android and iOS are two operating systems between which the debate always goes on to decide which one is better. However, assistance for Android App development or iOS App Development is necessary in need of implementing some alterations.

Now, without wasting any moment, let’s dig into the differences between iOS and Android to understand them in a precise manner.

What is iOS in detail?

In 2007, the iPhone operating system came into existence with the name of iOS. Since the beginning of the Apple Company, iOS has gone through many modifications to support a huge range of Apple products like iPod Touch and iPad.

iOS is very similar to Unix and is based on the Darwin (BSD) operating system. It is considered the World’s second most famous operating system after Android.

Some interesting key features of iOS:

1. iCloud

iCloud is the service provided by Apple laden with the service of online storage. It has a strong encryption so breaching couldn’t become possible easily. Besides this, to prevent the loss due to data erasing, a backup option is provided to everyone.

2. GPS

The iPhone has its built-in feature of an assisted GPS chip that determines the live location of a person. There is no need to install it as it already exists. It is quite instant and accurate than the Normal GPS as it tells the exact location of your phone depending on the satellite data.

3. Multi-tasking

Multitasking is one of the appealing traits of iOS. With the help of this feature or by using multi-finger motion on an iPad, one can move from one app to another in a single go without much disturbance.

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What is Android as an Operating System?

Android OS is a mobile operating system founded by Android Inc. in October 2003. The main motive behind this emergence is to create an advanced OS for cameras. But later on, Google captured this and launched in 2008. It has a user-friendly GUI that makes it seamless to use.

Android releases its updates in regular intervals and with a new name every time. It is based on their virtual machine like the Dalvik Virtual Machine. This OS is free of cost and an open source software (FOSS) covered under Apache License.

Let’s dig deep into the advantages and disadvantages of the Android Operating System.


  • It enhances frequently and releases a new update frequently.
  • It supports the presence of an external memory.
  • It is open source.
  • A lot of alternatives for phones are present that support Android as an operating system.


  • Lack of impactful security so malware and Virus can make their entrance anytime and affect anything.
  • No one has the right to execute any kind of coding.

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Comparison chart between Android vs iOS

Learn about the differences between Android and iOS with the help of a table.

Criteria for Comparison Android iOS
Developer Various developers but mostly by Google and Open Handset Alliance Apple Inc.
Source Model Open Source Closed one but with Open Source Components
Internet Browsers Preferable Google Chrome along with the availability of other browsers. Set any browser as default. Safari. Choose any browser as default for Internet Browsing. But they work on all same rendering engine on the back side i.e., Safari/Webkit.
Present Languages 100+ languages Only 40 languages
Virtual Assistant Google Assistant Siri
Exist on Several phones and tablets such as Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc. iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation)
Video chat Google Meet and various other 3rd party apps FaceTime (Apple Devices only) and some specific 3rd party apps
Application store Google Play Store with 2,500,000+ apps. Other apps like Amazon and Aptoide also distribute Android apps (APKs) The Apple App Store consists of 1,800,000+ apps.
OS Family Linux OS X, UNIX

Summing up!

If you aspire for high security along with numerous features and you have a good budget as well, move further with iOS without any doubt. But if you are confined financially, Android is the ideal option you should pick. Furthermore, the choice between Android and iOS comes down to personal preference. And in case, you have any kind of need for anything like Android App Development and iOS app development, Orangemantra is always here. Orangemantra offers custom range of mobile app development solutions for android and ios which can be made by using different -2 platform .

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